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Chinese Medicines: Successful Treatment For Kidney Cyst

2015-11-03 08:58

Chinese Medicines: Successful Treatment For Kidney CystIn clinic, China is known for Chinese medicine treatment. In comparison with western medicine, the Chinese method takes a far different approach. With a history of 5000 years, it has formed a deep and immense knowledge of medical science, theory, diagnostic methods, prescriptions and cures. As for the treatment of kidney cyst, Chinese medicines are successful treatment for kidney cyst.

Western medicine for kidney cyst includes surgery, kidney transplant, dialysis and medicines. They can control symptoms effectively like back pain, blood in urine and infection. But the condition is easy to relapse with western medicines. What’s worse, kidney cyst will grow big again and bring big harm to your body.

In comparison with western medicines, Chinese medicines can treat kidney cyst from the root successfully. Because Chinese medicines can shrink kidney cyst naturally through promoting blood circulation, increasing the permeability of cysts and adjusting the inner and outer pressure of kidney cyst. What’s more, Chinese medicines can also expand blood vessels, improve blood circulation, relieve the state of ischemia and anoxia, provide nutrients for damaged kidneys. This creates a good repairing environment for kidneys. In this way, injured kidneys caused by kidney enlargement will be repaired to some extent. Kidney function will also be improved.

To make Chinese medicines work efficiently, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is created. This therapy combines advanced technology-osmosis machine. The medicines are micronized first. Herbal bags filled with dozens of herbal medicines are soaked in penetrants and then placed on the lower back part. With the help of osmosis device, the effective ingredients of Chinese medicines can come to kidneys directly through channels. The prescription for each patient is different according to different illness condition. Thus, you can send your illness condition to kidneycares@hotmail.com. Our experts will make a treatment plan for you.

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Due to numerous cysts in his kidneys, his renal function has been in end stage. His creatinine level was 945umol/L and the largest cyst in right kidney was 8.5cm. After about one month of treatment in our hospital, his creatinine level was reduced to 632umol/L and the cyst was reduced to 3.5cm. He felt his abdomen is obviously softened and appetite was also improved....

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