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What Is The Treatment For Back Pain In Kidney Cyst

2015-10-18 02:23

What Is The Treatment For Back Pain In Kidney CystMost patients with kidney cyst often suffer from back pain. Back pain is the symptom of kidney cyst. Once kidney cyst presents symptom, it requires treatment timely. Well then, what is the treatment for back pain in kidney cyst?

What is the cause of back pain in kidney cyst?

Due to enlarged and swollen kidneys, it will increase renal capsule tension and make renal pedicle pulled, which causes back pain. Besides, kidneys become heavy due to cystic fluid. This is another cause of back pain in people who have kidney cyst. The pain can be dull pain. If there is bleeding in kidney cyst or secondary infection, the pain can be worsened suddenly.

What is the treatment for back pain in kidney cyst?

The root cause of back pain results from enlarged kidney cyst. Therefore, if kidney cyst is shrunk, back pain will be treated. In western medicine, it is symptomatic therapy. For example, blood in urine and secondary infection are often treated by antibiotics. High blood pressure is often treated by oral antihypertensive drugs. Medications can be used to lower high creatinine and urea level.

In addition to medications, if kidney cyst is larger than 5 cm, surgery is used. However, with surgery, it is easy to cause infection and relapse. Moreover, surgery cannot protect kidney function from being damaged further. Surgery can cut off cysts on the surface of kidneys but it is difficult to remove cysts on the deep of kidneys.

The most effective treatment for kidney cyst is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. By way of anti-coagulation and anti-inflammation, the active ingredients can stop further kidney damage. Besides, the active ingredients in Chinese medicines can provide some essential nutrients for damaged kidneys, it promotes the recovery of kidney function. Through restraining the growing of epithelial cells, decreasing the secretion of cystic fluid, renal cyst can be shrunk remarkably. In this way, back pain can be treated effectively.

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