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Does Small Kidney Cyst of 1.2cm Need Treatment

2012-10-31 16:59

Kidney cyst is a commmon kind of kidney disease. The exact cause of cyst in kidneys remains unclear at present and it is generally considered to be related with aging because as people grow older, the incidence of renal cysts uncrease dramatically.

In most cases, kidney cysts are benign and will not affect kidney functions or cause much discomforts, therefore most doctors do not offer special treatments at all and only ask the patients to take regular checks every 6 to 12 months.

Usuallly small cyst os 1.2cm does not require special treatments if it does not cause obvious symptoms and pains. And this is what¡¯s in western medicines. While according to the principles of chinese medicines, there are a lot of things that can be done to deal with small kidney cysts, such as slowing down or preventing further cystic growtn, regulating disorders and imbalancing of the internal environment and enhancing immunity and building up physical strength.

For some patients, small cysts will not affect their normal life and many even go through their entire life without knowing that they have cysts in their kidneys. While in some cases the cysts will experience rapid growth, opress surrounding renal tissues and cause a series of symptoms and complications such as back pain, blood in urine, protein in urine, high blood pressure, frequent urinary tract infections, kidney stones, etc. When these symptoms and signs appear, usually the cysts have grown larger than 3cm or get infections or ruptures.

Western therapy is to adopt surgical removal of the cysts and affected tissues while it causes additional damages to the kidneys and the recurrent rate is high. Compared with surgeries, chinese therapy is mild and gentle though it takes relatively longer time to have effects. Chinese therapy mainly adopt herbal medicines which have the functions of repairing kidney damages, improving kidney functions, regulating renal disorders and enhancing immunity so as to treat kidney cysts from the root. And what¡¯s more, it has both effects on large and small cysts, early and end stage of renal diseases.

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