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New Treatment for Kidney Cyst Aside from Surgery

2012-10-26 08:20

Kidney cyst is usually left alone if it is small and causes no kidney problem. However, if test report shows the cyst is large and enlarges over time, medical treatment will be given. Surgery is the most commonly used treatment for large kidney cyst, however, due to it's disadvantageous, new treatment has been created to replace it.

What are the disadvantageous of surgery for kidney cyst?

1. Surgery is only effective for big cysts growing in the outer part of kidney. There are lots of blood vessels inside of our kidney and they are damaged easily while doing surgery. Therefore, for big cysts growing inside the kidney, surgery is usually not recommended.

2. It is ok if one just has one kidney cyst. However, if an individual is unlucky told to have several cysts, surgery is not suitable for him. Surgery is only helpful for big cysts and once the big kidney cyst is cut off, other small cysts will grow faster because of the increased growing space.

3. Patients catch infection easily during surgery treatment.

New treatment for kidney cyst aside from surgery

In past days, due to the backward medical development, there is no alternative treatment for kidney cyst. But now with the raid development of medical technology, various clinical experiments have been done to control kidney cyst, which prove that Chinese medicines are effective in shrinking kidney cyst.

Chinese medicines shrink kidney cyst through making pressure difference between inside the cyst and outside the cyst. We know if kidney cyst grow over time, there must be a high pressure inside the cyst. Chinese medicines have function to improve blood circulation, lower blood pressure and supply nutrition to our tissues. Under the jointed effects of these function, pressure outside the cyst can be reduced to the level that lower than that inside the cyst, under such a condition, fluids inside the cyst ooze out. Besides, some Chinese medicines can also increase the permeability of cystic wall,which is also helpful for shrinking kidney cyst.

Differently from surgery, Chinese medicine treatment for kidney cyst cause no pain and even no infection. Therefore, compared with surgery, it is more natural and safer.

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