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Can A Patient Take Nettle Leaf Tea For 3 Cysts In The Left Kidney

2015-05-29 07:47

Can A Patient Take Nettle Leaf Tea For 3 Cysts In The Left KidneyTea made from nettle contains a number of biologically active compounds with possible health benefits. Well, can a patient with 3 cysts in the left kidney take nettle leaf tea?

Kidney cyst is one kind of common kidney disease. When the kidney cyst is small, patients have no any discomforts and feel like normal people. However, if cyst cannot be managed well, cyst will grow up and press kidney or other organs. In such a condition, patients may feel some discomforts. Patients under this condition need to take some method to alleviate their conditions.

Nettle leaf tea is a herbal tea and can benefit kidney cyst patients a lot.

Nettle leaf and kidney infection

Nettle leaf has been used for various kidney problems including infections. Nettle leaf can initiate a flushing action of the liquids from an infected kidneys or an infected urinary tract, therefore speeding up the healing process.

Nettle leaf and high blood pressure

High blood pressure is a common complication of kidney cyst and it should be managed timely to avoid further damage on kidneys. In some studies, nettle leaf has been shown to lower blood pressure levels. The ability for the herb to lower blood pressure likely occurs because it works as a diuretic in the body, which in turn lowers systolic blood pressure.

Nettle leaf tea and high creatinine level

Nettle leaf tea has the function of improving kidney function which will reduce high creatinine level. Drinking 1-2 cups of nettle leaf tea a day will be helpful for kidney disease.

Generally speaking, kidney cyst patients can take nettle leaf tea. In addition to the above health benefits, nettle leaf tea also can minimize skin problems, lessen nausea, cure the common cold, reduce inflammation and help with respiratory tract disease. It is not enough for kidney cyst patients to take only nettle leaf tea. Kidney cyst patients also need to take methods to shrink kidney cysts and improve renal function.

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