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How to Reduce Kidney Cyst Size

2012-10-24 10:31

 reduce kidney cyst sizeEnlarged kidney cyst threaten our kidney directly, so reducing kidney cyst size is very helpful for protecting our kidney. However, doctors are usually suggested patients to do surgery which cut off kidney cyst directly, but painful and risky. Aside from surgery, is there any other method that can reduce kidney cyst size?

Before talking about the alternative treatment for kidney cyst, let's found out why kidney cyst enlarge gradually. Kidney cyst refers to a closed pocket or pouch that grow in kidney. Kidney cyst is usually filled with yellow fluid which is secreted by cystic wall. Increasing yellow fluid make kidney cyst become larger and larger, so if we want to reduce kidney cyst size, we must reduce fluid inside the cyst.

For the reducing of fluid in cyst, Chinese medicine can be adopted to help achieve this medical purpose. We know many Chinese medicines have been proven to be effective in improving blood circulation, lowering blood pressure and activating cells. All these functions are particularly helpful for changing blood pressure difference between inside and outside of the cyst. We know fluid flow toward the side with lower blood pressure, so when pressure outside the cyst is lower than that inside the cyst, fluids will ooze out. Beside, while treating kidney cyst, some other selected Chinese medicine will be added to increase the permeability of cystic wall, which is extremely helpful for cystic fluid ooze out easily. Kidney cyst enlarge as there are more and more fluid inside the cyst, so as long as fluid inside the cyst is reduced, kidney cyst size is reduced effectively.

Chinese medicine is not the only treatment method for kidney cyst, but compared with surgery, it is safer and painless. Therefore, if anyone wants to reduce kidney cyst size without any risk and pain, they can try Chinese medicines.

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