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Natural Treatment for Renal Cortical Cyst

2013-01-04 04:49

Renal cortical cyst refers that a fluid-filled sac occurs on cortex of the kidneys. People are at increasing risk of developing kidney cyst as they are getting old. It is suggested about 50% people who are over 50 years old may develop one or several kidney cysts. The danger from a cortical cyst is that, as the cyst is enlarging over time, it can oppress renal tissues and impair kidney functions. People are seeking for naturally treatment for renal cortical cyst, hoping to reduce or control the growth of the cyst and protect their kidneys from being impaired.

Each human kidney is made of two main parts, renal cortex and renal medulla. The renal cortex contains over one million nephrons. Each nephron, as the basic functioning unit of the kidneys, mainly consists of three parts-renal glomerulus, renal tubule, and renal capsule. As a cortical cyst grows larger and larger, it can damage the functioning renal cells. Symptoms people often experience mainly include high blood pressure, hematuria, flank pains, proteinuria, etc.

What is the natural treatment for cortical kidney cyst? To delay the progression of kidney cyst, people need to make necessary dietary modifications and quit bad living habits. Some foods that will worsen the growth of cyst on kidney should be avoided, this may include spicy foods, salted or processed foods, leftovers, polluted foods, barbecues, greasy foods, such stimulating foods as chocolates, coffee, shrimps, crabs, etc. If you are in the habit of smoking or drinking alcohol, quit them up. Nicotine and alcohol can accelerate the growth of cysts, elevate your blood pressure and worsen damages on the kidneys.

Some other aspects should also be paid attention for people with cortical kidney cyst. Restrict your intake of sodium so as to better control your blood pressure. In addition, avoid strenuous exercise so as to reduce risk in causing cyst rupture. Avoid any kind of Nephrotoxic medicines so as not to worsen the kidney condition.

Usually, when a cortical kidney cyst is smaller than 3cm in diameter, people just need to take care for every detail in their daily life and do regular re-checkups for their kidney condition. If a cyst is larger than 3cm, 5cm or 7cm, doctors will evaluate existing renal function and the condition of the cyst so as to provide the treatment plan. Patients will be told that a surgery may help to remove the cyst, however, after the treatment, the cyst may grow larger again. Natural treatment is what many patients are expecting. Traditional Chinese herbal medicine treatment to accelerate blood circulation, soften cystic walls, reabsorb liquid from the cyst and inhibit secretion of cystic liquid hold promise for a better treatment to improve renal conditions.

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