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How Can I Remove Kidney Cyst Without Surgery

2014-10-12 01:33

How Can I Remove Kidney Cyst Without SurgeryMany people do not want to have to go through surgery, so how do they remove a cyst without it? If the cyst is small and causes no symptoms, it does not require any treatment. In case there are more cysts on the kidneys or if they cause pain or some other problems, surgery will be suggested by your doctor. However, due to its disadvantages, people want to look for other therapies aside from surgery. Well then, what is the treatment for removing kidney cyst without surgery?

Surgery for kidney cyst has the following disadvantages:

1. Surgery is only effective for big cysts which are growing in the outer part of kidney.

2. Surgery is only available for people who just have one kidney cyst.

3. Infection is easily caught by people during surgery treatment.

How to remove kidney cyst without surgery?

In recent years, with the development of medical blueprint and medical technologies, various clinical experiments have been done to remove kidney cyst, which has proven that Chinese medicines are effective in shrinking renal cysts.

On the basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), we innovate a newly advanced treatment, called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy,which is a combination of TCM and modern medical technology, but an external application. The active ingredients in Chinese medicines can shrink enlarged kidney cysts to an ideal size and restore kidney function from the root through dilating blood vessels, changing the pressure between inside the size and outside the cyst, inhibiting the secretion of cystic fluid and providing nutrients for injured kidneys. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is not only effective but also no side effects. So it is much favored by renal cyst patients.

Aside from surgery for renal cyst, the best treatment may be Chinese Medicine therapy. If you want to know its more information, you can leave us a message below or consult our online doctor free of charge.

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