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What Is the Best Treatment for 3.5 cm Parapelvic Cyst

2014-07-14 03:13

What Is the Best Treatment for 3.5 cm Parapelvic CystWhat is the best treatment for 3.5cm parapelvic cyst? Paprapelvic cyst refers to a fluid collection which is adjacent to the renal pelvis or the renal sinus. No treatment is needed when cyst in kidney is smaller than 3cm, but for these larger the 3cm, proper treatment is needed, otherwise, kidney function will be affected. There are different kinds of treatment for a 3.5cm parapelvic cyst in medicine, and they work differently. Well, which is the best one?

Treatment options for 3.5cm parapelvic cyst

There are mainly two treatment methods for a 3.5cm parapelvic cyst:

Surgery: Surgery is the most direct solution for cysts in kidney, as it can cut cyst off kidney directly. Surgery is especially effective in removing cysts growing in the outer part of kidney, and patients run low risk for kidney damages in such a case. However, if cysts grow in the inner part of kidney, surgery is not suggested, because during the process, kidney tissues are damaged easily.

Chinese medicine: Chinese medicine is another treatment option for patients with 3.5 cm parapelvic cyst. With Chinese medicine, kidney cyst can not be removed completely, but it can be shrunk successfully. As we have mentioned above, small kidney cyst cause no damages or influence on kidney, so when 3.5cm parapelvic cyst is shrunk to be smaller than 3cm, it can be left alone.

Best treatment for 3.5cm parapelvic cyst

Surgery is helpful, but if Chinese medicine is available, surgery is not recommended, because it is risky to some extent. Chinese medicine is harmless and what is more, it can promote blood circulation and improve immune system while shrinking kidney cyst. In medicine, many Chinese medicines can be used to treat parapelvic cyst and one of them is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. In this treatment, different herbs are used externally, and by combining them, treatment effects are more obvious and kidney cyst can be shrunk quickly. Owing to its safety and painless, Chinese medicine is more popular among parapelvic cyst patients.

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