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Can A Cyst on Kidney Cause Blood in Urine

2014-04-02 16:56

Can A Cyst on Kidney Cause Blood in UrineA patient with PKD says that he has the symptom of blood in urine, and is confused if this is related with kidney cyst. In light of their concern, we will make a specific explanation for you, hoping useful and helpful to you.

In general, there are three leading causes of hematuria for patients with PKD.

1. Cyst rupture

Cyst rupture is the most common cause of blood in urine. For patients with PKD, cyst grows and increases. We can imagine cyst as a balloon, as balloon becomes big enough, it will rupture at last. In the similar way, cyst can rupture, too. When cyst rupture, there is blood bleeding out. In this way, the blood caused by cyst rupture can flow out through urine, forming hematuria.

2. Glomeruli damage

In normal cases, red blood cells can’t pass through glomerular filtration membrane. But as cyst increases, which may damage kidney, red blood cells can flow away through urine. In this way, blood in urine is caused.

3. Kidney stones and urinary tract infection

Kidney stones appear very commonly on patients with PKD. Kidney stones can be stuck in urinary tract or bladder, leading to bleeding in these areas. Then blood can flow out through urine, resulting in hematuria.

Thus, for patients with hematuria in PKD, they need to treat kidney cyst and kidney stones to alleviate blood in urine. In addition, kidney cyst is the fundamental cause, which should be focused on very much.

Then how to shrink kidney cyst?

Chinese herbal medicines can achieve good results of shrinking cyst. The properties of Chinese herbal medicines are the below:

1. Chinese herbal medicines can enhance permeability of walls of cyst cells, making cyst fluids easier to flow out. In this way, kidney cyst can be shrunk.

2. In addition, Chinese herbal medicines can stimulate lining cells to absorb cyst fluids, shrinking cyst.

3. Chinese herbal medicines have good effects on preventing inflammation and infection in kidney.

Through the above treatment, hematuria can be alleviated and prevented. So it is a wise option that patients with PKD get treated with Chinese herbal medicines to alleviate blood in urine.

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