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Do Multiple Simple Cysts on Kidney Need Treatment

2013-10-02 10:48

Do Multiple Simple Cysts on Kidney Need TreatmentMultiple simple cysts on kidney means that more than one cyst developing in kidney.Is this condition serious?Does it need treatment?

Multiple simple cysts on kidney

Simple cysts on kidney is a very common disorder,especially among the elderly.If the cysts are small,the patients experience no discomforts and signs.However,as the cysts enlarge,a host of symptoms will appear like back pain,mass in abdomen,high blood pressure etc.If these symptoms appear, the patients should seek for an treatment in time.

Treatment for multiple simple cysts on kidney

In traditional western medicine,surgery is the first-line treatment option for multiple simple cysts on kidney including aspiration or sclerosis,wherein the fluid is sucked out with the help of a needle,followed by injecting certain material to scar the space in the cyst.However,in this case,the cysts are very likely to relapse.

If the cysts enlarge again,laparoscopic cyst decortication might be performed to remove it.It is an invasive procedure.Also,as there are multiple simple cysts on kidney,the small ones will become large soon.Therefore,surgery is generally not recommended to people with multiple simple cysts on kidney.

A natural remedy is recommended to the patients with multiple simple cysts called Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy.This is a plant-based therapy and is applied externally on kidney area. Different types of herbs are used in this therapy based on the patients’ specific illness condition like cyst size,kidney damage degree etc,it is considered to be a targeted treatment.

Firstly,the effective medicines can inactivate the lining cells on cyst wall and make them lose secretory ability.Thereby,the cysts will stop increasing in size.

Secondly,Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy can increase the permeability of small blood vessels on cyst wall and increase the excretion of fluid from cysts. In this way, the cysts will be shrunk gradually.

Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy can treat multiple simple cysts on kidney effectively and prevent it from impairing kidneys completely.

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