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Diets and Treatment for 6cm Left Kidney Cyst

2013-05-27 17:16

Though kidney cyst is a benign renal disorder, 6cm cyst is large enough to cause troubles to the patients. Patients can suffer from mild to severe discomforts and symptoms including back pain, infections, blood in urine, protein in urine, swelling, high blood pressure, frequent infections, etc.

This article mainly talk about the diet guidance and treatment options for 6cm left kidney cyst.

Foods that should be avoided

Left kidney cyst means that the cystic disorder only affect one kidney, therefore the prognosis is much better than bilateral kidney cysts. Usually kidney cyst will experience slow and continuous growth with age, but certain inducements can stimulate the cyst to experience rapid growth and make illness conditions worse. Certain foods can stimulate the secretion of more cyst fluids, therefore they should be avoided by kidney cyst patients. These foods include hot and spicy foods, alcoholic drinks, tobacco, chocolate, coffee, sea products, salty foods, left-overs, unhygienic foods, grilled foods, etc.

Treatment to remove cyst from the kidney

Treatments for 6cm symptomatic kidney cysts aim at relieving pains and discomforts, controlling complications and slowing down cyst growth. If symptoms can not be controlled with medicines, surgeries can be considered such as cyst puncture and laparoscopic decortication which can help remove the cyst within short time so that patients can have instant relief, but the drawback is that the recurrent rate is quite high.

Treatment to shrink kidney cyst

Another more conservative treatment for kidney cyst is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. It is an external application of Chinese herbal medicines and active ingredients in Chinese medicines can act on the cysts and surrounding blood vessels. Though it takes relatively longer time to shrink the cyst, it is natural, safe and has durable curative effects. Once the cyst is shrunk to less than 3cm or even smaller, the symptoms can be much relieved and patients can live a relatively normal life.

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