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Remedies For A Large Renal Cortical Cyst

2013-03-12 15:42

What is renal cortical cyst? It is one common form of simple kidney cyst. Cyst is fluid-filled pouch, renal means the cyst is in the kidneys and cortical means the cyst is located at renal cortex, the most outer part of the kidney.

What is the cyst size that is called large renal cyst? Usually it is defined as large renal cortical cyst when it is bigger than 3cm and it begins to cause discomforts to the patients.

Symptoms and signs of large renal cortical cysts

When renal cortical cyst is too big, it will begin to oppress and squeeze renal tissues and surrounding organs. Large renal cortical cyst can cause abdominal mass or lump in the back, back pain, abdominal pain, flank pain, frequent urination, blood urine, repeated urinary tract infection, or fever, chill, etc.

When these symptoms appear or if the cyst continues to experience rapid growth, the following are the treatments available.


Medicines for renal cortical cysts are mainly for alleviating symptoms. These medicines and drugs include painkillers, antibiotics, etc. These medicines can help relieve pains, treat infections and make patients suffer less.

Sclerotherapy and aspiration

It is to use a long needle to insert into the renal cortical cyst through the skin to drain the cyst fluid outsides and then alcohol will be injected into the cyst to harden the tissues to lower the recurrence. It is simple and easy to be operated, but the recurrent rate is high.

Laparoscopic decortication

Laparoscopic decortication is to make several small incisions on the skin and then special tools will be inserted and remove the cyst by cutting the cyst wall and burning the affected tissues.

Is there any natural remedies for large renal cortical cysts without surgery? Since most renal cortical cyst patients are above their 50s, many of them do not want to have surgery. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a more natural remedy for cystic kidney disease. It cause no pains or injuries to the body. The treatment is very comfortable and safe. Active ingredients can soften the cyst wall and increase its permeability so as to promote the re-absorption of cyst fluid back into surrounding blood vessels, so the large renal cortical cysts will be gradually shrunk to smaller and smaller size.

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