What Is Cortical Cyst Of Kidney

2013-02-09 10:15

Cortical cyst of kidney, also known as renal cortical cyst is one common type of simple kidney cysts. It is located at renal cortex, so it is called cortical cyst. It has a relatively better prognosis and is relatively easy to be treated because it is on the outer part of the kidneys.

Cortical cyst is a fluid-filled sac growing in the kidney. Of cause patients may not only have one cortical cyst, there can be several and bilateral kidneys can be affected.

What are the causes of renal cortical cyst?

The exact cause of renal cortical cyst remains unclear at present. It can be caused by congenital abnormal structure of glomeruli and renal tubules or it can be caused by infections or injuries. But it has something to do with age and gender. There are more male patients than female patients and its incidence will increase along with aging.

What are the symptoms of renal cortical cyst?

Usually when renal cortical cyst is smaller than 3cm, patients have no obvious symptoms or discomforts. In many cases, cortical cyst on the kidney is found by accident in routine physical examination or imaging tests like ultrasound, CT and MRI.

If the cyst continues to grow and become larger, patients can have the following symptoms.

Pains and discomforts in the back and abdomen: usually the pain is dull and fixed in one or both sides and will radiate downwards.

Abdominal mass: when the cyst is large enough, patients can feel palpable mass on their abdomen.

Proteinuria: patients can see bubbles in urine, but usually there is only small amount of protein in urine.

Hematuria: patients can see blood in urine or the blood can be seen through microscope.

Hypertension: the oppression of renal cortical cyst can cause renal ischemia and increased secretion of renin.

What are the treatments for renal cortical cyst?

Surgery: surgeries such as cyst puncture or laparoscopic decortication can remove the large cyst and relieve discomforts in short time. But the shortcomings are high recurrent rate. What is more, for small renal cortical cyst, surgery can not be applied.

Herbal medicines: compared with surgeries, herbal medicines takes longer time to shrink the renal cortical cysts. But the good points are lasting effects and much reduced recurrence and risk. What is more, it can be used to treat small renal cortical cysts.

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