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Symptoms of Parapelvic Kidney Cysts

2012-12-25 11:52

Parapelvic kidney cyst is one type of simple cystic disease in the kidney and the location of the cyst is around the renal pelvis. Therefore it is also called pelvic cyst. It is much rarer in clinic compared with renal cortical cysts.

Thought it is in most cases benign and seldom cause symptoms or discomforts, it will continue to grow larger and larger and there are some symptoms that can be associated with it.

1. Pains in the back and flank

Back pain and flank pain are often the reason that most patients seek medical consultation and treatments, usually imaging tests like B ultrasound or CT scan will be ordered by the doctor and then the parapelvic cysts will be detected. The pain is caused by stretching of renal capsule, oppression of kidney tissues and surrounding organs, obstruction of urinary tract infections. Cyst infection, cyst rupture and complication of kidney stones are all possible causes.

2. Symptoms of urinary tract obstruction

If the parapelvic cyst is too large, it can cause urinary tract obstruction and hydronephrosis and in case of severe hydronephrosis, there can be abdominal distension and abdominal mass.

3. Hematuria (blood urine)

Smooth muscle spasm can cause microscopic hematuria or gross hematuria; in case of cyst rupture and if it is connected with renal pelvis, there will be gross hematuria (blood is seen with naked eyes) or even blood clots.

4. High blood pressure

Continuously enlarged parapelvic cysts will oppress renal tissues, obstruct the urinary tract and cause lack of blood and oxygen supply to the kidneys. This will act as an inducement of more renin and angiotensin which will cause blood pressure to increase.

5. Abdominal mass

When parapelvic cyst is too large or the kidney is greatly enlarged due to hydronephrosis, there will be palpable masses in the abdomen.

6. Frequent urinary tract infections

Parapelvic cyst is easy to cause urinary tract infections and kidney infections. In case of infections, patients will feel chill, high fever, knocking pain in the renal area, etc.

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