Can A Cyst On Kidney Cause Frequent Urination

2015-09-15 17:10

Can A Cyst On Kidney Cause Frequent UrinationCan a cyst on kidney cause frequent urination? Frequent urination is an embarrassing thing which not only affects your normal life but also indicates a serious condition. Patients with kidney cyst are prone to suffer from frequent urination. Well then, how does kidney cyst cause frequent urination?

How does kidney cyst cause frequent urination?

If the cyst is located in the renal sinus, it usually does not cause frequent urination. However, if the cyst develops in the renal cortex, which involves glomeruli and renal tubules, it can cause frequent urination.

With time going on, kidney cyst will grow and then compress surrounding tissues, leading to renal ischemia and hypoxia state. As a result, kidney fibrosis occurs due to lack of oxygen and blood. In this condition, kidneys fail to perform their normal function. In normal condition, urine forms after reabsorption of renal tubule. When kidney cyst causes kidney damage, renal tubule is also damaged so fluid cannot be reabsorbed effectively. Thus, frequent urination occurs.

What is the treatment for frequent urination in kidney cyst?

From the above, we can see the root cause of frequent urination in kidney cyst is enlarged kidney cyst causing kidney damage. Thus, it is very important to control the growth of kidney cyst and shrink kidney cyst. Western medicines just help control symptoms and long term intake of western medicines will bring further kidney damage. This is the reason why we do not recommend western medicines. However, we shrink kidney cyst by Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which is based on traditional Chinese medicine but used externally. The active ingredients in Chinese medicines can shrink kidney cyst by softening the cystic wall and increasing its permeability. Moreover, the epithelial cells will be deactivated so that they will stop secreting cystic fluid and the cysts will not enlarge any more.

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