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Back Or Side Pain: Is It The Symptom Of Growing Kidney Cyst

2014-03-14 10:28

Back Or Side Pain: Is It The Symptom Of Growing Kidney CystKidney cysts are round pouches of fluid that form in the kidney. Kidney cysts can be related with serious disorders which may impair kidney function. Kidney cyst is divided into two types-simple kidney cyst and complex kidney cyst. Simple kidney cysts usually do not cause symptoms. However, if a simple kidney cyst grows large enough, symptoms like dull pain in your back or side will appear.

Back or side pain is a symptom of growing kidney cyst. This is because the cysts are growing with time and pressing against other structure in the body. The pressure generated by the growing cysts can make cysts burst. Ruptured kidney cyst can lead to dull pain in the back or side, abdomen and hips. Besides, infection is another cause of pain in kidney cyst.

How to treat kidney cyst pain?

The treatment of kidney cyst pain is determined by the cause of pain which are mainly caused by infection, expansion or bleeding of cysts.

1. Surgery

Surgery to remove kidney cysts is the treatment for most patients with numerous or very large cysts while small kidney cysts can not be removed by surgery. What’s worse, after some time, the cysts are more likely to re-grow again and then pain will also appear. Thus, surgery is not a radical treatment for pain with growing kidney cysts.

2. Medicine treatment

Usually in western countries doctors have no cure for kidney cyst and they just prescribe medicines such as antibiotics to reduce the kidney cyst pain. Medicines can not alleviate pain in growing kidney cysts, but they can not stop the growth of kidney cysts.

3. Alternative therapy for kidney pain

We have talked above back or side pain is caused by enlarged kidney cysts. When they grow big enough, they are prone to burst, and then pain with growing kidney cysts occurs. For this reason, the key point is to shrink the kidney cysts and stop them growing. Currently the effective therapy is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which is a new development of Chinese herbal medicine. It helps shrink kidney cysts naturally with the aid of osmosis devices. This is because the medicines can dilate the blood vessels on the vascular walls around the cysts so as to speed up the blood circulation of the cyst wall. In this way, the permeability of cyst wall can be increased and then the pressure of outer and internal cysts becomes different. In this way, the cystic fluid will be absorbed continuously by the blood vessels. As long as kidney cysts are shrunk, pain is also alleviated.

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