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What Will Happen If A Cyst Burst On the Kidney

2014-02-22 11:57

What Will Happen If A Cyst Burst On the KidneyKidney cyst is characterized by fluid filled sacs located in the kidneys. When there are cysts on the kidneys, they are harmful to the kidney function because they are able to make kidneys become enlarged and reduce the amount of functioning kidney tissue. As the growth of cysts, some cysts will rupture. Well, what will happen if cysts burst on the kidneys?

Generally speaking, kidney cyst burst will lead to the following two signs or complications.

1. Back pain or abdominal pain

Kidney cysts can cause pain to an individual. When the cysts are being located externally on the kidney and becoming enlarged and pressing against other organs in the body, pain will occur. The pressure generated by the growing cysts is able to cause them to burst. Ruptured kidney cysts can cause pain in the back, abdomen, side and hips. This pain is caused by infection. If the fluid in the cysts in infected, once a cyst occurs the infection is no longer contained and may spread to any part of the body.

2. Blood in urine

Blood in urine, also called hematuria, is the most common sign of ruptured cysts. In mild case, blood in urine can not be seen by your naked eyes, only being detected by a urinalysis screen available through your doctor. In severe cases, the cysts are likely to cause bleeding which is visible during urine excretion.

Is there a way to prevent kidney cyst rupture?

The cause of a cyst burst is the enlargement of kidney cyst. Therefore, the effective treatment is to shrink kidney cysts. In this light, Chinese herbal medicine and hot compress therapy are recommended to kidney cyst patients. The active ingredients in Chinese herbs has the ability to inhibit the epithelial cells from excreting cystic fluid, increase permeability of cyst wall and change the inner and outer pressure of cyst wall, the cyst fluid will be absorbed and finally be removed out of the body with urine. Besides, Chinese herbal medicines can also prevent inflammation so as to reduce the risk of pain caused by infection. The pain and blood in the urine can be alleviated effectively.

Do not be frightened when you have cyst burst. As long as you take correct and effective treatment, signs or complications of ruptured cyst can be eased. More information on Chinese medicine healing kidney cyst, you can leave us a message to kidneycares@hotmail.com. And we are ready to help you.

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