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Chinese Herb for Bilateral Renal Cysts

2013-10-31 11:47

Chinese Herb for Bilateral Renal CystsBilateral renal cysts refer to cysts growing in both of kidneys.Chinese herb is an effective treatment for the condition.

Bilateral renal cysts

Renal cysts are very common in clinic,especially among the elderly.When the cysts are small,the patients experience no symptoms.However,when the cysts enlarge to a certain size,they will cause pressure against the adjacent nephrons and replace more and more healthy nephrons.As a result,the kidneys will fail progressively.

Chinese herb for bilateral renal cysts

Chinese herb plays a vital role in managing bilateral renal cysts. It has showed enormous treatment effect in clinical practice. Based on kidney damage degree and renal cyst size,different types of herbs will be applied.It plays the following roles to treat bilateral renal cysts.

-The effective herb medicines can kill the lining cells on cyst wall and stop them from producing cystic fluid.In this way,the cysts will stop enlarging.

-Chinese herb can improve the permeability of cyst wall and increase the excretion of cystic fluid from cysts.Thereby,the large cysts will be shrunk and the pressure against nephrons will reduce effectively.

Improvements after herb treatment for bilateral renal cysts

After a period of treatment for bilateral renal cysts,the patients will have an overall improvement.The associated symptoms like back and abdominal pain, high blood pressure etc will be relieved.No hematuria and cyst rupturing will occur.

However,oral herb has many adverse effects on body.It can cause strain on kidneys and irritate intestine and stomach.If it is not used improperly, it can be toxic to kidneys. To avoid the adverse effects of oral herb on body, a new application of herb is created called Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy.This therapy is free of adverse effects on body completely.

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