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How Long to Take for Hematuria to Go due to Renal Cyst Rupturing

2013-10-31 10:50

Hematuria refers to loss of red blood cells in urine.It can occur as renal cyst ruptures.How long does it take for hematuria to go due to renal cyst rupturing?

How does renal cyst rupture?

The renal cyst wall is covered with numerous lining cells.As the condition progresses,more and more cystic fluid will be produced,thus enlarging the cysts significantly.When the pressure inside the cyst becomes very high, the cyst will rupture.Renal cyst rupturing can cause loss of red blood cells in urine.Besides hematuria,the patients with renal cyst may also experience back pain.In serious case,if the cyst becomes infected, the patients can suffer from fever.

How long does it take for hematuria to go due to renal cyst rupturing?

Generally,the hematuria due to renal cyst will last for around a week. However,if cyst or kidney becomes infected,the hematuria will last longer. Therefore,it is hard to predict how long it can last. You can consult with our online doctor for a direct answer here.

How to deal with renal cyst rupturing?

If the patients have no serious symptoms,it does not need treatment. However,if the cyst ruptures outside of the kidney,the cystic fluid may affect blood, resulting in serious outcomes like sepsis.In a word,how to deal with renal cyst rupturing is up to the severity of the condition. You can email to kidneycares@hotmail.com  for more treatment suggestions.

How to prevent renal cyst rupturing?

To prevent renal cyst rupturing effectively,the patients should have a treatment to prevent the cysts from growing and shrink the large cysts. Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is recommended to treat renal cyst.It is a natural therapy without adverse effects on body completely. The effective medicines can stop the cysts from growing by killing the lining cells and shrink the large ones by increasing the excretion of cystic fluid. If so, the cysts will be prevented from rupturing.

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