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Can I Have Sex Life With Kidney Cyst

2012-11-21 16:03

can i have sex life with kidney cystCan you have sex life with kidney cyst? Have you ever thought about this question?

To be honest, kidney cyst does not affect our life in many cases, however, in some cases, kidney cyst enlarges quickly over time. They press surrounding renal tissues and make some renal tissues unable in functioning well. Kidney is one of the important internal organs of our body and once it is damaged, we can not live normally. Therefore, if kidney cyst has causes kidney problem, we may need to pay attention to many aspects in our daily life. However, can we have sex life with kidney cyst at all?

1. If your kidney function is normal, you can have sex life just you have before.

Small kidney cyst usually causes no damages to our kidney. In some cases, kidney cyst does not enlarge over time at all, but in some cases, kidney cyst enlarges quickly. When they enlarge to a certain size, our kidney will be damaged. If your kidney cyst is small and causes no influence on your kidney function, you can have sex life just as you have before.

2. If your kidney function has been impaired seriously by kidney cyst, it is better if you reduce your intercourse frequency or stop sex life.

Kidney helps us discharge wastes and toxins produced by our body and once they are damaged, these toxins and wastes build up in our body. Creatinine is just one of the toxins produced by our body, so people with kidney disease usually have high creatinine level. Generally, the more physical activities, the more wastes are produced and higher the renal burden is.

Kidney cyst is not a serious kidney problem if we can get it controlled in early stage. At present, there are different treatments for kidney cyst and they show different treatment effects in treating kidney cyst. For example, surgery can be used to cut off kidney cyst or such cystic fluid. The treatment show quick effects in stopping kidney cyst from enlarging. However, it is imperfect as it is painful and risky. Actually, aside from surgery, kidney cyst patients can adopt Chinese medicines which work comparatively slow, but effective and painless. What is more, Chinese medicines can prevent kidney cyst from relapsing and surgery has no such a effect.

Kidney cyst is not influencing to our sex life if we can treat it properly, so finding an effective treatment is very essential for kidney cyst patients to continue their sex life.

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