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What Happens If a Cyst Ruptures on the Kidney

2012-11-01 17:35

What happens if a cyst ruptures on our kidney? This question is recently posed by a patient who is diagnosed to have a 9cm cyst in the right kidney. When the cyst becomes very large, it ruptures easily, so people with large kidney cyst need to be careful in the daily life and try to avoid knock at the location of kidney. However, what will happen at all when a cyst ruptures on the kidney?

Kidney cyst refers to the mass in the kidney and mostly it is filled with yellow fluid. It is not dangerous at all when it is small and meanwhile causes no influence on our kidney function. However, once it becomes very large, it may rupture. Usually, the following conditions will occur when a cyst ruptures on the kidney.

1.If cyst grows in the outer part of kidney, cystic fluid may follow into abdominal cavity when cyst ruptures. Under such a condition, peritonitis occurs easily. Peritonitis needs to be treated with surgery as quickly as possible as it not only cause serious stomachache, but also cause infection which can lead to cute decreasing of kidney function. Therefore, avoiding ruptured kidney cyst is helpful for protect kidney function.

2.If cyst grows inside the kidney, blood urine will occur when kidney cyst ruptures. Usually, blood urine lasts about one week and then disappears gradually. Blood urine is just a symptom of ruptured kidney cyst. To some extent, it is not serious enough to affect our life, but for the ruptured kidney cyst, once it causes kidney infection, kidney failure may occur.

Infection is the one of the leading causes of deterioration of kidney function. For people with large kidney cyst, cyst ruptures easily, which can cause infection directly. Therefore, to protect kidney function, it is necessary for kidney cyst patients to avoid kidney cyst rupture.

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