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Does Kidney Cysts Cause Malfunctioning of Kidneys

2014-09-05 08:02

Does Kidney Cysts Cause Malfunctioning of KidneysKidney cysts are fluid-filled sacs that form in the kidneys. Does kidney cysts cause malfunctioning of kidneys? Some people have such a doubt. Now let’s have a quick look in this article.

Simple kidney cysts are usually benign.

Simple kidney cysts are very common as people begin to age; up to half of all people 50 years of age and older have at least one kidney cyst. But these cysts are usually harmless, which seldom cause any symptoms. Therefore, if you have simple kidney cysts, there is no need for you to worry about them. What you should do is to do regular physical examination to have a good knowledge of the cysts.

Cysts that form with Polycystic Kidney Disease cause malfunctioning of kidneys.

Cysts that form with Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) enlarge with time going. They may grow so large that they push against other organs within the abdomen, leading to high blood pressure, blood in urine, back pain, etc. If you do not control the growth of cysts and these symptoms, they may damage your kidney tissues, leading to malfunctioning of kidneys.

What to do if kidney cysts have caused malfunctioning of kidneys?

What you should do is to inhibit the growth of cysts. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a kind of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which is to infiltrate the shattered herbs into the kidneys by osmosis device. This therapy can stop the growth of cysts by restraining the abnormal proliferation of renal tubule epithelial cells and the secretion of cyst fluid. It can also shrink the cysts by speeding up blood circulation in cyst wall and increasing the permeability of cyst wall to take the fluid from the sacs. There are also other therapies for you to protect your kidney function such as foot bath, Mai Kang Mixture and medicated soup.

Early treatment for PKD can prevent malfunctioning of kidneys. With the help of online doctor, you can learn more information about our treatment.

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