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Is It Serious with A Kidney Cyst 35x45mm

2014-06-29 09:03

Is It Serious with A Kidney Cyst 35x45mmIs it serious with a kidney cyst 35x45mm? This question is consulted by a PKD patient on our website. If you have the same medical condition, the following information may be helpful for you.

Why a kidney cyst 35x45mm is serious?

Honestly speaking, you should attach importance to such a kidney cyst. If the cyst is not treated timely and positively, it will grow to compress the kidney, leading to anoxia and ischemia in the kidneys. In such internal environment, the kidney will be damaged further. When the cyst is big enough, it will lead to back pain, blood urine (because there are many artery below bursa wall, the cyst will press the artery, which makes the vessels of bursa wall be forced and broken, and then there will be blood in the urine), protein urine (because of the damage of glomerular basement membrane), and high blood pressure (because the kidney is squeezed by the cyst so as to cause kidney ischemia, which makes renin secretion increased and lead to hypertension ). Without timely treatment, it will lead to renal failure.

How to deal with a kidney cyst 35x45mm?

If there is only one kidney cyst in your kidney, surgery is a quick way to remove such a cyst. But as we can see that you have polycystic kidney disease, which means there are also other kidney cysts on your kidneys. Surgery can only drain certain cysts and once the cyst is removed, the others will grow up. Therefore, it is not an ideal treatment for PKD patients. Here we recommend Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, which can not only shrink kidney cysts, but also repair the damaged kidneys as well as improve kidney function.

In order to give you the most suitable treatment suggestion, I need to know more about your illness condition. Please send your urine test or blood test to kidneycares@hotmail.com.

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