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Will Kidney Function Return after Removal of Parapelvic Cysts

2012-11-24 11:20

After the removal of Parapelvic cysts by surgeries, in many cases the cysts can return and enlarge again. The recurrence may further damage the kidneys. The proper method to cope with this disease is to control the growth of Parapelvic cysts and repair the injured renal cells which could help to improve the kidney function and protect healthy renal cells.

Parapelvic cysts refer to cysts that develop from out of but develop into the renal pelvis. It is usually caused by inborn factors. Parapelvic cysts are usually simple renal cysts, and the fluid inside the cysts is urine. As Parapelvic cysts develop near the pelvis of kidneys, it is more likely to cause combined renal stones and hydronephrosis. In addition, the enlarging cysts can compress pelvis and ureter to cause abdominal pains or distension.

Lost kidney function, actually, is hard to be reversed by treatments. A parapelvic cyst can get enlarged over periods of time, compressing adjacent healthy functioning renal cells and cause deterioration of renal functions. When damage to the kidneys occurs, this can start by causing your blood pressure to increase. When a renal cell is atrophied, this can not be reversed. But for partly scarred renal cells, some treatments may help to improve them and thus improve renal functions.

Surgical treatment is a method to control the cysts. The cystic liquid can be absorbed by Pumping Liquid surgery; however, this is not a once for all treatment since some time after the treatment, the Parapelvic cysts can enlarge to further damage the kidneys. Surgical treatment doesn’t help to improve the renal function, and in some way, just to delay the growth of Parapelvic cysts. The lost kidney function doesn’t come back after removal of Parapelvic cysts. To improve the kidneys, we can only treat the injured renal cells and stop the growth of cysts.

Herbal medicine treatment will be a conservative and natural approach for treating Parapelvic cysts. Herbs are from natural plants which are safe. Herbs can help to soften cystic walls and increase blood circulation, making pressure within the cysts higher than the surrounding blood vessels and driving cyst liquid into urine. In the treatment, herbal medicines stop further fibrosis of the kidneys and nourish damaged renal cells which help to improve renal condition. Hence the patients can expect to stop further recurrence of the disease, get their kidneys improved and remit from their symptoms.

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