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Is A Simple Renal Cyst Aggravated By Exercise

2014-03-01 10:11

Is A Simple Renal Cyst Aggravated By ExerciseThere are different views about whether exercise will aggravate renal cyst. Some people think exercise will aggravate kidney cysts, while some do not think so. Is a simple renal cyst aggravated by exercise? Follow us to get the answer.

Actually, taking exercise properly is good for renal cyst patients. As renal cyst patients have to suffer blood viscosity increase, slow blood flow and renal blood flow decrease, which can make kidneys suffer more damage. Proper exercise is able to improve blood circulation so as to help repair kidney. Then what exercise is proper exercise?

Renal cyst patients are suggested to take mild exercise and no connection with waist. For example, they can do walking, bicycling and swimming etc. However, the exercise which need to move large muscle groups are not allowed for them. Besides, exercise like golf, wrestling, sumo and rugby is not proper exercise for renal cyst patients.

In addition, renal cyst can get a better effect from a long term exercise. Because taking exercise regularly is able to strengthen immunity, strengthen blood flow, prevent cold and glomerular sclerosis and slow down the progression of kidney cyst.

In the above case, renal cyst patients are allowed to take proper exercise. However, it does not mean all renal cyst patients can do exercise. When cysts are bigger than 3cm which easily burst. In this case, if they take exercise, it may aggravate their renal cyst, especially for taking boxing, kickboxing, basketball and rugby and other violent exercise.

Of course, the specific exercise depends on patients’ special illness condition. Before taking exercise, you had better consult your doctor or directly consult our online experts. We are happy to help you.

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