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What Kind of Food Should Eat To Avoid 3cm Kidney Cyst Grow Bigger

2015-09-08 03:15

What Kind of Food Should Eat To Avoid 3cm Kidney Cyst Grow BiggerProper diet plays an important role in preventing kidney cyst from growing bigger. 3 cm kidney cyst is large enough and should be treated timely. Well then, what kind of food should eat to avoid 3 cm kidney cyst grow bigger?

Foods to eat with 3cm kidney cyst

Low sodium and low protein are two basic diet requirement for kidney cyst patients. Thus, the following foods can be added in kidney cyst diet:

1. Soy bean

Some studies show that soy bean can help slow down the growth of kidney cyst to some extent so it is a good option to eat correct amount of soy bean.

2. Corn silk

Corn silk can be consumed as herbal tea and it can help drain sac fluid and shrink kidney cyst.

3. Low fat and high fiber diet

You can eat a low fat and high-fiber diet to help lower high blood pressure, which can cause damages on your kidneys. Kidney cyst diet should contain plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Foods to avoid with 3cm kidney cyst

Avoid stimulating foods such as hot pepper, shrimp, crab, the contaminated foods, the leftovers, broiled dishes and high fat foods.

Avoid all caffeine including coffee, chocolate, black tea, green tea, white tea cola and decaffeinated beverages as well. This triggers cyst growth.

Avoid all animal proteins like ground meats, dairy, egg whites, milk, cheese, beef, pork and chicken.

In addition to dietary treatment, patients with 3cm kidney cyst also need to take medical treatment. The radical treatment for kidney cyst is to shrink kidney cyst and improve kidney function. Here I recommend Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. This therapy is an external application used on kidney area. It can shrink kidney cyst by preventing epithelial cells generating cystic fluid and increasing the permeability of cystic wall. Thus, the fluid will go out of the body. In this way, damaged kidneys can be repaired and kidney function can also be improved. If you have interests in this new treatment, you can send an email to kidneycares@hotmail.com for details.

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