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Is It OK For Patients With 9cm Kidney Cyst To Drink Liquor

2015-08-16 08:01

Is It OK For Patients With 9cm Kidney Cyst To Drink LiquorIs it OK for patients with 9cm kidney cyst to drink liquor? This is frequently asked by most kidney cyst patients, especially for wine lovers. Moderate alcohol drinking is good for healthy people. How about kidney cyst patients?

Patients with 9cm kidney cyst had better not drink liquor because liquor may cause some healthy problems including:

1. High blood pressure

For people with kidney cyst, high blood pressure can occur easily. If uncontrolled effectively, high blood pressure will worsen patients’ condition and cause irreversible kidney damage. Alcohol has obvious effect in raising blood pressure. In view of this, not everyone is suitable for drinking liquor.

2. Speed up the growth of kidney cyst

Studies have revealed that liquor can stimulate the activity of sac protein and prompt the fluid-filled sacs to grow quickly. If some of kidney cysts grow too big or one of them bursts, other severe healthy problems may occur to threaten patients’ condition.

3. Heart disease

Drinking liquor can increase the risk of heart disease and affect kidney function.

In summary, kidney cyst patients had better not drink liquor since the link between alcohol use and kidney health show an increase risk of kidney dysfunction and kidney failure.

Additionally, patients with 9cm kidney cyst should also take medical treatment timely. As for the treatment of large kidney cyst, Chinese medicines are effective. They can shrink cyst by preventing epithelial cells producing cystic fluid and increasing the permeability of cystic wall. So cystic fluid will go out of the body. In this way, damaged kidneys can be repaired to some extent and kidney function will also be improved. Are you interested in Chinese medicines for kidney cyst? You can send an email to kidneycares@hotmail.com. We will reply you on details.

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