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Diet Suggestions for Kidney Cyst Patients

2012-10-13 14:25

healthy foodsKidney cyst is a common renal disease bothering many people. Besides proper and timely treatments and medicines, the diet plays a vital role and should not be neglected. Since the kidneys have been affected by the cysts, patients should avoid foods that can add extra burdens to the kidneys.

Foods that kidney cyst patients should avoid:

1. Chocolate, coffee and any caffeine-containing foods and drinks.

2. High-protein diets. Too much intake of protein will produce more metabolic wastes which need to be discharged through the kidneys and this will increase renal burdens. Low-protein diets can help reduce the nitrogen metabolites in the body and relieve renal excretion.

3. Fermentation foods such as fermented bean and rotten eggs. These fermented foods can stimulate the cysts to experience rapid growth.

4. Alcohol. Give up alcohol and any alcoholic drinks if you are a drinker. Alcohol has direct stimulation to the kidneys and can have great damages to the kidneys. It can activate the cystic protein and speed up its growth rate.

5. Spicy and excitant foods.

Foods those are beneficial for kidney cyst patients:

1. Fresh vegetables and fruits those are rich in vitamin and fibers. It is good that cystic patients should avoid high-fat foods and have more high-vitamin and high-fiber foods.

2. Fruits and vegetables those are high in iron such as carrots.

3. Foods that have the function of dissolving stones in the body such as black fungus because it is common that kidney cysts will cause kidney stones.

4. Foods that have the function of diuresis.

5. Alkaline foods. Kidney cyst patients should have less acid foods (red meat and prawns, etc) and have more alkaline foods (vegetables and fruits) which play auxililary functions.

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