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What Is The Diet To Reduce Kidney Cysts

2014-05-30 01:12

What Is The Diet To Reduce Kidney CystsWhat you eat can have a real effect on how fast your kidney cysts grow. This is why a kidney support diet or renal diet is considered as the best treatment for kidney cysts. A well planned diet can control the progression of cysts, stopping further kidney damage and keeping your kidney healthy for longer. Here are a few diet tips to reduce kidney cysts.

1. Low sodium diet

Healthy kidneys help remove excess fluid from the body. When kidney cysts disorder this function, fluid build up in the body, causing edema and high blood pressure. A low sodium intake is necessary when kidney cysts occur. If you follow a high sodium diet when you kidneys cannot function properly, your body keeps more fluid, which will worsen your high blood pressure. Under such condition, you should avoid high sodium foods such as canned foods, processed foods, fast food, table salt and bacon, etc.

2. Neutral protein

Researchers calculated the amount of protein intake needed daily to keep the body in a neutral protein balance. That amount is 0.6grams/kilogram. The formula is body weight divided by 2.2 then multiple by 0.6. For example, if one weighs 110 pounds divided by 2.2=50 kilograms multiplied by 0.6=30 grams of protein is the protein intake needed to keep this body in a neutral protein balance.

3. Water intake

Drinking ample water helps slow down vasopressin which is a factor of cyst growth.

4. Avoid caffeine

Avoiding caffeine, because caffeine triggers cyst growth.

5. Avoid foods that are kidney toxins.

6. Avoid high potassium and phosphorus foods

The above diet tips may not suit for your conditions. Talk with your doctor or our online doctor for your individual diet.

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