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Diet to Reduce Cyst Growth

2012-09-23 16:01

Do you know what diet help to reduce cyst growth? In many cases, kidney Cysts grow continuously and oppress surrounding organs, which can therefore cause many problem like back pain, flank pain, groin pain, protein urine, blood urine, high blood pressure, kidney infection and even kidney failure. Therefore, if any diet can help to reduce cyst growth, it is necessary for patients to follow it.

Scientific diet contributes to an effective control of cyst growth, but so far there is no such a diet that can stop cyst growing completely without patients receive any treatment. Even though, kidney cyst patients need to adjust their diet, as a proper diet slow down cyst growth.

1. Do not ingest too much protein

If kidney damages have been formed and meanwhile there is protein in urine, protein intake should be limited during daily diet. Too much protein intake increase renal burden, which can cause further kidney damages. Therefore, try to keep being far away from beans and bean products. To replenish the lost protein, kidney cyst patients can eat some fish, lean meat and egg white, but do not eat too much.

2. Do not drink alcohol

Some kidney cyst patients may have habit of drinking alcohol. Clinical studies found that drinking alcohol will stimulate kidney cyst and promote the secretion of cystic fluids, which can lead to the quick enlargement of kidney cyst. Therefore, if any kidney cyst patients have drinking habit, kicking it as early as possible.

3. Do not eat salted foods

Salted foods contain lots of sodium, excess of which can worse kidney damages. Also, high intake of salt elevates blood pressure, a dominant risk factor, for kidney disease. Therefore, for the sake of your kidney, say No to salted foods in your daily diet.

4. Low-potassium and low-phosphorus diet

Diet for Kidney cyst patients actually depend on their illness condition. If lab tests show their potassium level and phosphorus level is higher than the normal value, foods with high potassium or phosphorus should be avoided.

Diet only helps to control kidney cyst and can not reduce cyst growth. If you really want to get kidney cyst controlled, medical treatment is the best and only method.

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