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Do You Have Special Diets For Renal Cysts In The Kidneys

2013-02-21 10:08

Renal cyst is a common and in most cases benign kidney disease especially among the elderly. Small and simple kidney cysts grow rather slowly. They have little damages to renal functions and the risk of malignant transformation is low, therefore doctors usually do not prescribe any special treatment except regular follow-up checks and some diet suggestions.

A kidney-friendly diet can help slow down the growth rate of the cysts and protect kidney functions.

Foods renal cysts should and should not eat

Some foods can stimulate the rapid growth of cysts, therefore these foods should be avoided or at least limited. They include spicy foods (alcohol, hot pepper, etc); tobacco (including passive smoking); stimulating foods (such as mutton, fish, shrimps and other sea products); chocolate and coffee; salty foods especially pickles, preserved and highly processed foods; insanitary foods such as rotten foods, left-overs, etc; grilled foods.

High-fiber, high-vitamin, low-fat, low-sugar, low-protein, low-salt diet is beneficial for controlling renal cysts. It has been found that an alkaline diet rather than acidic diet is good for protect the kidneys. Fresh vegetables and fruits are mostly alkaline and they usually contain rich vitamins and fibers. A vegetarian diets without eating too much meat products especially red meats can help cleanse the kidneys and help discharge more wastes from the kidneys.

However, not all vegetables and fruits are good for renal cysts. Some fruits and vegetables are high in potassium and phosphorus, therefore if patients are suffering from hyperkalaemia or hyperphosphatemia, some high-potassium and high-phosphorus foods should be limited.

Anyway, here are some good choices for renal cyst patients---beetroot, celery, carrot, lemon juice, ginger, apple, mint, etc.

Drinks renal cysts should have and avoid

Fresh water is the best drink for renal cyst patients and more water intake (at least 2L/d) is recommended if patients do not have swelling, hypertension, heart failure or other illness conditions due to water and sodium retention.

Juices of fresh vegetables and fruits, vegetable broths are very good for renal cyst patients.

Some herbal teas such as green tea and dandelion root tea can help improve renal filtration functions.

Coffee, alcohol, soft drinks should be avoided.

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