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What are the Causes of Parapelvic Kidney Cyst

2012-10-12 10:52

There are many types of cysts in the kidneys and the simple kidney cyst is the most common one. It can occur to any age and its incidence will increase along with age. A survey has found that the incidence of simple renal cyst is about 20% among those at their 40s and that of those at their 60s is 33%.

Simple cyst is often single affecting unilateral kidney. The parapelvic kidney cyst is not very common accounting for about 1% to 3% of all renal cystic cases and patients usually have it after 50 years old.

Parapelvic kidney cyst is located near the renal hilum and renal sinus and it will protrude into the renal sinus when it is too large. In most cases, parapelvic kidney cyst is caused by congenital factors and it comes from renal parenchyma or old urine-containing cysts.

However there are many factors in our daily life that can worsen the illness conditions and induce many symptoms and discomforts such as back pain, hematuria, high blood pressure, abdominal mass, chill, fever, etc. Therefore it is necessary to know these risk factors so as to have early and effective preventions.

1. Congenital dysplasia. It is the major cause of parapelvic cysts. It is different from the genetic diseases or gene mutation because the gene is usually normal in case of congenital dysplasia.

2. Infections. Infections can cause abnormalities and disorders in the body and create favorable environment for the cysts to grow. It can activate the cysts and promote its growth and enlargement. What is more, infections in any part of the body will enter the kidneys through blood circulation and affect the cysts. And if the cyst catches infection, it will worsen the illness condition and further speed up the growth rate of the cysts and deteriorate kidney functions. Common infections include upper respiratory tract infection (including colds), urinary tract infections, etc.

3. Improper diets. It is one cause of parapelvic kidney cyst. Long term malnutrition or blood circulation obstacle will make patients susceptible to cystic diseases.

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