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What Factors Can Cause The Incidence Of Kidney Cyst

2014-09-06 09:06

What Factors Can Cause The Incidence Of Kidney CystWhat factors can lead to the incidence of kidney cyst? Kidney cyst refers that it appears cystic lesion within the kidney which is not interlinked with the outside world. Patients’ life safety can be threatened directly by kidney cyst. Therefore, we should learn the causes of kidney cysts and then we can take relative prevention in our daily life.

1. Innate factor

Congenital dysplasia can cause many illness diseases. In term of kidney cyst, medullary sponge kidney and dysembroplasticy polycystic kidney will occur.

2. Emotional factor

Bad mood changes can disorder the nerve and internal secretion so that neurohumoral effects can change your body’s internal environment. The abnormal internal environment also affects the cyst. Kidney cyst patients should pay attention to mental regulation and improve the pessimistic mood.

3. Infection

Infection can make your body internal environment abnormal which contributes to the environment of cystic genes. This makes activity of the cystic internal factor increased. The causes of kidney cyst include upper respiratory tract infection, urinary tract infection, gastrointestinal infections, skin infection, trauma and equipment infection.

4. Gene mutation

As for kidney cyst, you are diagnosed with it because you inherit it from your parents’ genes. There are autosomal dominant inheritance and autosomal recessive inheritance. However, there are also some Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) patients who do not inherit the cystic genes while gene mutation leads to PKD when embryo forms.

After learning the causes of kidney cyst, you can take timely treatment to prevent cyst. I hope the above information is helpful for you. If you still have doubt, you can consult our online doctor and the doctor will recommend therapy according to your own medical conditions.

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