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How Can Dialysis Patients Bring down Swollen Feet and Ankles

2016-11-03 08:27


My mother in-law is on dialysis and her feet and ankles are so swollen. How can she bring it down?


How Can Dialysis Patients Bring down Swollen Feet and AnklesDialysis is a common used kidney replacement treatment for kidney failure patients, but it can not work like your own kidneys for 24 hours every day. During two dialysis sessions, fluid builds up again. If you have massive protein leakage, hypoproteinemia can also lead to swelling. Besides, if you do not find out the correct dry weight, it is likely for you to have inadequate dialysis so that fluid can not be cleared away from body. And if you do not supplement enough protein, you may have swelling as well. In addition, you should check whether your heart works normally or not, which is a cause of swelling as well.

In the daily, you should do the following things to help bring water retention in body down.

-To strictly restrict water and salt intake

The amount of water you can drink is your urine output the day before plus 500ml. And salt intake should be less than a beer bottle cap. Between the two dialysis, you should control your weight gain no more than 4%. Your blood pressure should be controlled into 140/90 before dialysis.

-To do dialysis adequately

You should consult your doctor to make sure your dry weight. If your urine is very little now, you should increase dialysis times.

-To try some alternatives rather than dialysis

Besides dialysis, you can try some alternatives to help cleanse the blood. For example, medicated foot bath and medicated full bath. They can make you sweat lot and increase your urine output to expel waste products out of the body. You can also try Enema Therapy. This is to make use of your intestinal tract to remove waste products out. If you keep on this Chinese medicine treatment for a long-term, it is likely for you to promote your kidney function so as to reduce dialysis frequency or even get rid of dialysis.

Swollen feet and ankles are just one side effect of dialysis. Hope the above treatment can help you. For more information on alternatives to dialysis, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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