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14% Kidney Function,High Creatinine 400: What Should I Do

2016-03-03 08:51


My name is Ambika, I have a kidney disease. My current kidney function is 14%, and my serum creatnine level is as high as 400 now. I have suffered from kidney disease for 10 years and also diabetes for about 12 years. My doctor prescribe ketosteril for my high creatinine, but it sill keep increasing. What should I do now? Please give suggestions.



High Creatinine,High Creatinine TreatmentYou said you suffer from kidney disease for 10 years and also have diabetes for about 12 years. It has been a long time, that your kidneys have been damaged severely with high serum creatinine. In ths period of the disease, you keep taking medicines to reduce your high creatinine and ease your symptoms. But your serum creatinine level is in the tendency of increasing. Why?

Generally, western medicines have great effects in controlling the symptoms caused by kidney disease, which is temporaly relieved. With the change of the lesions, many patients' creatinine and other indexes are in the tendency of increasing. Under the tendency, you will be suggested to take dialysis or kidney transplant to prolong your life expectancy.

Do you know why?

In fact, western medicines is to treat the symptoms, but is cant restore your kidney function, and remedy your kidney disease from root. But in our hospital, we use the TCM treatment, which is to treat both the symptoms and is the root, dialectical treatment for kidney disease.

Kidney disease is one kind of blood pollution diseases. It is the external harmful elements or toxins that invade the body causing the visceral dyfunction, and the deposit of immune complexes or toxins. These deposits will cause local aseptic inflammation, and renal cells damage. Thus kidney function gets damaged and creatinine gets higher.

For this case, we use our featured Chinese therapies to remedy your kidney disease from root, which can purify your blood and remove the immune complexes out, and it can also help repair your damaged kidney tissues and improve your kidney function from root.

There are many unique and special Chinese therapies in our hospital, such as Blood Pollution Therapy, Foot Bath Therapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, and so on. We can help make a systematic treatment for you based on your own case. So you can send your recent test reports to kidneycares@hotmail.com, our experts will help analyze your diseae and give a treatment plan for yourself.

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