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Nephrotic Syndrome Treatment In Small Children

2015-10-15 08:37


My son is a 8 years old and has Nephrotic Syndrome (NS). He is on steroids from last 3 years but whenever steroids are discontinued, he has a relapse. Is there a radical treatment for childhood Nephrotic Syndrome?



Nephrotic Syndrome Treatment In Small ChildrenRelapse in Nephrotic Syndrome is experienced by most children. Steroids have a quick and obvious effect in treating childhood nephrotic syndrome especially when the children have massive proteinuria. However, once the dosage is reduced or steroids are stopped, relapse is easy to occur. What’s worse, long-term use of steroids also causes lots of side effects like moon face, weight gain, poor memory and tiredness.

What is a better treatment for Nephrotic Syndrome?

A better treatment for Nephrotic Syndrome in small children is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which is a natural and external therapy based on Chinese medicine treatment. According to patients’ illness condition, various types of herbs will be applied in this therapy. By degrading immune deposits in kidneys, it can prevent triggering of inflammatory response in kidneys. It can correct immune dysfunction and rebuild normal immunity. What’s more, the active ingredients in Chinese medicines can dilate blood vessels, remove thrombus to increase oxygen and blood supply to kidneys, provide essential substances for repairing damaged kidney filters, thus laying a solid foundation in kidney function improvement. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can treat Nephrotic Syndrome from the root. Other external applications such as medicated foot bath and acupuncture may also be used to strengthen the effects.

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