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Treatment Option For the Size Of A Fist Kidney Cyst

2015-08-21 02:03


My mom has two kidney cysts on her kidneys. A small one is on her right kidney and a large one is on her left kidney. My mom’s kidney cyst has grown to the size of a fist. We are looking for treatment options.


Treatment Option For the Size Of A Fist Kidney CystIf the cysts grow slowly and are not as large as more than 3cm, your mother may be told by the doctor that there is no need for her to take treatment. She just needs to wait. Regular monitor on the cysts condition is the common choice. However, in my own opinion, I do not think it is the best treatment. Regardless of their size, large or small, timely treatment should be taken.

The size of a fist kidney cyst is large enough and should be treated timely. I recommend a natural remedy for kidney cyst other than surgery.

A natural remedy for kidney cyst is Chinese medicine treatment. Some Chinese medicines have the function of increasing the permeability of cystic wall and some Chinese medicines can inactivate the activity of epithelial cells, which can stop the secretion of cystic fluid. On the basis of Chinese medicines, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is created, which can promote the effect of Chinese medicines obviously. Because advanced osmosis machine is used in this therapy. The active ingredients in this therapy can come to kidney lesion directly with the help of osmosis device and patients’ skin. Besides, this therapy helps expand blood vessels, prevent inflammation and coagulation, and degrade extracellular matrix, etc. In this way, the pressure difference between cystic fluid and blood flow will be increased, which can promote the cystic fluid to be absorbed by blood vessels in the cystic wall. Thus, cystic fluid will be shrunk naturally.

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