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Is It Normal To Have Sweat On Dialysis

2015-06-24 10:15


Everyone on dialysis is always cold but I am always sweating. I cannot stand it. My shirt is sticking to my back. Am I the only one?


Is It Normal To Have Sweat On DialysisIt is not normal to have sweating on dialysis. Excessive sweat on dialysis usually is the complication of low blood pressure on dialysis.

Why does dialysis cause low blood pressure?

We know one of the main jobs of dialysis is to remove excess water from your body. However, removing water can lower your blood pressure at dialysis, which can make you wretched during and even after a treatment. The following will tell you why and how you can stop it.

Fluid in your body

Fluid in your body is found in three fluid compartments: inside your cells; in your tissues between cells and in your bloodstream. Your body wants to keep the same amount of fluid in all three compartments. It is a task of healthy kidneys to keep this balance. If kidneys are damaged, dialysis is used.

Dialysis and water removal

Dialysis can only remove water that is in your blood. Only a small part of the water weight you gain is in your blood. If your feet are swollen, fluid is in your tissues-not your blood. During dialysis, the pressure forces fluid out of your blood into the dialysate and down the drain. Some water from other compartments can move into your bloodstream so it can be drained out of your body. In the 3 or 4 hours of a treatment, only so much water is in your blood or has time to move over. The machine is set to a fluid goal-your dry weight or weight without excess water. The dialysis machine keeps pushing, even if the water is not in your blood. And this is the reason why you may feel awful. If your blood becomes too dry, blood pressure will drop. This happens if you are below your dry weight or above your dry weight, but the extra fluid is not in your bloodstream. In such a short time, it can cause low blood pressure leading to excessive sweating.

Sweat also can be caused by electrolyte disorder, medications and infection except for low blood pressure. Repairing kidney damage and improving kidney function is the key to prevent sweating from happening again.

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