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FSGS, Renal Function Decling Rapidly, What about the Possibilities of Chinese Medicine Treatment

2012-10-25 16:07


Biopsy of my kidney was done 15 years ago, it verified FSGS. My latest test report is as follows:

Natrium: 139, Kalium: 5,5, Cl: 109, Ca: 2,25, P: 1,25

Urea: 14, creatinine: 200, uric acid: 450

Creatinine clearance estimated GFR: 0.75;

Renal function is declining rapidly.

Taking Micardis and Tacrolimus now.

I want to know about the possibilities of Chinese medicine in treating the FSGS.


Due to the machine and testing measures are different, the normal range of the some parameters are different in different hospitals. So I want to know when did you done the GFR and creatinine test? And how about the relate normal range? I will give you some suggestions according to our experience.

Firstly, your creatinine is high, but high enough for dialysis. In the western medicine, some medicines can help to control the elevated creatinine. However, the main reason for the elevated creatinine is that the kidneys are not performing well. The medicines would be effective in controlling creatinine, however, renal condition may get deteriorated to raise creatinine level. To treat high creatinine and blood uric acid effectively, you can choose traditional Chinese herbal medicine which can help reliving blood circulation, then helping eliminate creatinine, thus lower creatinine as well as the piling up of other toxins.

Secondly, you said your renal function is decreasing rapidly, it is common to the patients who have the disease for more than ten years. It mainly relate with your present medicine. I know you are taking Micardis and Tacrolimus. Micardis is mainly for the primary Hypertension. If your bp is steady, it is good for you to be insist on the medicine. As for Tacrolimus, it is a immunosuppressive agent. This medicine have good function in preventing the aggravation of the kidney disease. However, Tacrolimus restain the selected cells (Th-cells and the expression of IL-2R). With the long-term development, it is not enough. it is time for you to choose other medicines. In our hospital, we will apply the accurate diagnosis on the patients, which can test the position of of the lesion, the types of the immune complex and the amounts of them, then we will give the targeted medicines. In addition, our immune treatment is different from the simple medicines, it is a system and the immunosuppressive agents will be taken with the Chinese medicine so that we can reduce the side effects of medicines, most importantly, the effects are obvious.

Finally, seeing from your email, your GFR is 0.75, are you sure the number? It should be 75 if you have the stage 2 CKD. Now, if you take treatment timely, you have great chance for recovery. So, if you have any questions about treatment, please contact with us timely.

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