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Is It Good For CKD Stage 5 To Take Herbal Medicine As An Alternative Medicine

2015-05-27 09:25


I would like to seek advise for my son who has chronic kidney disease (CKD) stage 5. Is it good for him to take herbal medicine as alternative medicine? Please help me because I cannot afford for long-term dialysis of my son anymore.


Is It Good For CKD Stage 5 To Take Herbal Medicine As An Alternative MedicineIn CKD stage 5, kidneys cannot discharge toxins and excess fluid from the body so patients must rely on dialysis to detoxify their bodies. Besides, dialysis should be regular. Long-term and regular dialysis costs a lot. This is a considerable economic burden to patients on dialysis. Under such a condition, most patients want to seek herbal medicine as an alternative medicine.

CKD stage 5 patients usually have high creatinine level so they can take some natural herbs to lower the level. Certain herbs have been associated with lowering creatinine level include nettles, chamomile, yin yang huo, dandelion root and corn silk.

In addition, stage 5 CKD patients can take systematic Chinese herbal medicine treatment to repair injured kidney tissues and improve kidney function. In this way, dialysis frequency can be reduced or even dialysis can be avoided. A systematic remedy is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. This therapy is an external application and two medicated bags filled with micronized herbs are put on patients’ lower back. It uses the osmosis devices to promote the herbal ingredients permeating into the kidney lesions naturally. The herbal medicines will take effects on kidneys and improve renal function. Many patients reduce the dialysis frequency by this natural application so as to reduce your economic burden.

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