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Is It Possible To Bring Down High Creatinine Level With Medicines

2015-05-19 07:31


Kindly advise what exactly to be done if the creatinine is more than 7.5mg/dl. Is it necessary to go for dialysis? Is it possible to bring down to normal range with medicines?


Is It Possible To Bring Down High Creatinine Level With MedicinesGenerally, when creatinine level is higher than 5.0mg/dl, dialysis is required. Actually there is no direct relationship between creatinine level and dialysis. That is, only a creatinine level is not enough to decide whether dialysis should be started or not. Some people may have to take dialysis when creatinine level is 2.0mg/dL? Some people may not start dialysis even if their creatinine level is above 6mg/dl. This is because besides high creatinine level, severe complications are also determining factors for dialysis. If you have high creatinine level 7.5mg/dl but have no complications, you can delay dialysis while some others have to do dialysis early if some complications occur. It is completely possible to help patients delay or avoid dialysis.

Can high creatinine level be lowered with medicines?

The root cause of high creatinine level is kidney’s disability to filter wastes. Therefore, the best method to bring down high creatinine level is to improve kidney function as much as possible. In western medicine clinic, there is no evidence to prove western medicines can improve kidney function. Thus, patients turn their focus to traditional Chinese medicine. On the basis of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), we create an advanced Chinese medicine treatment called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. This therapy is able to dilate blood vessels, prevent inflammation and coagulation, degrade extracellular matrix and provide nutrients for damaged kidneys. Gradually kidney damage can be repaired and kidney function can also be improved. In this way, it is possible to decrease high creatinine level without dialysis.

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Swelling is an obvious sign of kidney disease.

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Look, this patient has severe leg swelling which has made her feel pain and can not get out of the bed. In order to seek better treatment, she came to our hospital for Chinese medicine treatments. 30kg of fluid was removed from her body in less than a month. Her leg swelling disappeared completely. Now you can see her long legs again.

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