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Is It True For Kidney Disease Patients To Avoid Bananas, Tomatoes And Nuts

2015-03-10 01:53


I am not a dialysis patient yet. My doctor told me I still had about 46% kidney function. My question is this: I recently learned of a fruit I never hear of before, star fruit. I have heard these are very toxic to those with kidney disease. in researching this fruit, I also read those with kidney disease should stay away from bananas, oranges, tomatoes, nuts, beans and broccoli. This is devastating to me! These are foods I enjoy greatly. Can anyone tell me if this is true? And if so, why?


Is It True For Kidney Disease Patients To Avoid Bananas, Tomatoes And NutsThe fruits and vegetables you listed are high in phosphorus and potassium. Patients with end stage renal disease must avoid high phosphorus and high potassium foods because they can cause bone calcification. The biggest problem and worry is potassium. Potassium is in all foods but very high in some foods. If you have little or no kidney function, the potassium builds up if it was unchecked, and your heart will stop. It is the main problem with renal failure. Coffee and chocolate are high but if you moderate your intake, it is ok. Banana’s are so very high, I would not recommend at all.

All vegetables have potassium but if you boil them and throw away the water and boil again, it removes most of the potassium.

The foods you list are all rich in potassium and high potassium is not good for kidney patents. You should stay away from them. But each case is pretty individually specific. I suggest going and seeing a kidney dietitian or consulting our online doctor directly to see what they have to say. Research can be good and bad but always get a second opinion before doing anything.

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