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Kidney Function At What % Should Start Dialysis

2015-03-07 02:03


My kidney function went from 33% down to 27% and I feel really depressed today because I am following the diet that I should eat, I get exercise in etc. At what % must I be before I should start dialysis? Please tell me what happened to you all.


Kidney Function At What % Should Start DialysisActually when to begin dialysis is very individual and please see the following cases:

Patient A: diet and good care slows things down. But I also found I got excited when it improved a little but depressed when it went down eventually creep down so that I had a catheter put in for Peritoneal dialysis as it did not want hemodialysis. A few months later I bottomed out and started dialysis so you will know when it is time.

Patient B: I am on 9% and starting dialysis very soon.

Patient C: my husband went on peritoneal dialysis when he hit 5%. I would not recommend waiting that long because it is kind of crawling out of a hole.

Patient D: watch your blood pressure and eat well according to labs the renal diet can be too high in crabs. Drink plenty of water when exercise because sometimes exercise and dehydration can give false results.

Patient E: I was at 9% when a kidney became available to me. Prior to transplant, I was on peritoneal dialysis having chosen that type of dialysis to allow me the type of freedom I am willing to accept.

All in all, when to begin dialysis is depending on the illness condition of kidney failure patients. When your condition is not recommended to have dialysis, you can have some alternative therapies to treat your kidney disease. The alternative remedies can help you delay your dialysis or even make you avoid dialysis. If you want to know more information, ask the expert online directly or send emails to kidneycares@hotmail.com. We will reply you as soon as possible.

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