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Creatinine 174, No Energy, No Appetite, Tired of Feeling Unwell

2015-02-20 00:19


I have kidney tissues and my creatinine level have risen to 174 at present. I have no energy, feel depressed as well as do not feel liking eating food. What can I do to improve this as I’m tired of feeling unwell.


Creatinine 174, No Energy, No Appetite, Tired of Feeling UnwellHi, I am so sorry to hear you are suffering now. Kidney disease is really a terrible illness and I will spare no effort to help with your kidney problem and increase your physical condition.

Firstly, you said your creatinine level has risen to 174. Persistent elevation of serum creatinine means your kidney function is declining, so you need to stop the further increase. As far as I know no oral medicine can reduce the level permanently. I suggest you to try Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which has been used to help kidney disease patients from different countries like US, India, Australia, Canada, Russia and Malaysia. This treatment is very effectively, but so far only available in China.

Secondly, you said you have no energy and appetite. Kidney disease indeed causes these problems. And here I will give you some diet suggestions to help your kidney condition:

-Reduce protein intake and meanwhile eat some high protein foods like lean meat, egg white, fish and milk.

-Keep a low salt diet and this need you to avoid salted foods, processed foods and various sauces.

-Try to eat high-iron foods. You feel no energy and I guess maybe you have mild anemia. Eating some high iron foods help to prevent further deterioration of this condition.

-Reduce fluid intake if you have swelling.

-Reduce potassium intake and phosphorus intake if your lab tests show high potassium and phosphorus level in blood.

Thirdly, although your creatinine level 174 is not high enough to require dialysis, it means at least a half of your kidney function has been impaired. Therefore, please take treatment as soon as possible. The earlier you take treatment, the better the treatment effects.

Kidney disease is incurable when it developed to advanced stage, so early diagnosis and timely treatment are very necessary. If anyone with kidney problem want to get help from us, please send test report or leave message to: kidneycares@hotmail.com, our nephrologists will help to analyze illness condition and then reply with practical suggestions.

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