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Are There Any Women Experiencing Hair Loss Due To Kidney Failure

2015-02-19 08:44


I have a question for you? Any women experiencing hair loss due to kidney failure? Has anyone tried rhogaine for it? I asked pharmacist and he was not sure if you could take it with kidney failure.


Yes, many people, both men and women can also experience hair loss due to kidney failure. When kidneys fail, there is a wide variety of negative effects on the body’s system. In addition to impacting the removal of wastes from the body and causing fluid imbalances, hair loss can occur. The causes of hair loss in kidney failure may include the following aspects:

1. dialysis-related amyloidosis

Dialysis-related amyloidosis can occur in patients taking hemodialysis. During dialysis, a certain type of protein builds up in the blood. As a result, molecules join together and form large amyloid deposits. The normal protein supply in the body is hindered, resulting in hair loss.

2. lack of enough protein

Proteins are the building blocks for muscles, bones, nails and hair. However, kidney failure patients are usually recommended for a low protein diet since excessive protein can increase the workload on the kidney and cause further kidney damage. Kidney disease patients nearly avoid all of protein that causes hair loss. In fact, proper amount of protein intake is good for kidney failure patients.

3. mineral disorder

Zinc imbalance in the body can also result in hair loss. People with kidney failure are more likely to experience zinc deficiency. A strict diet in kidney failure patients usually cannot meet zinc need. Other mineral imbalance such as iron, calcium and vitamin B, etc can also contribute to the hair loss due to kidney failure.

If you have hair loss due to kidney failure, you should follow a nutritious diet and take treatment to improve your kidney function. With nutritious diet and good kidney function, your hair may be growing out again.

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