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30 Years Old, Creatinine 9, Pass Urine Normally, No Water Retention

2015-02-19 01:56


Patient: My brother is 30 years old and recently, test report shows creatinine level 9. He passes urine normally and has no water retention problem. So can we avoid dialysis? Is there any way to reduce the creatinine level?


Doctor: Hi, of course there is way to help your 30 years old brother reduce creatinine level 9. I say so because he has normal urine output and meanwhile has no water retention. Kidney is the organ that is in charge of filtering blood and then removing wastes out of the body as urine. He passes urine normally means there is bloodstream in his kidneys and his kidneys can still help to filter blood. Under such a condition, they can try Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to promote kidney health and reduce high creatinine level.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a good treatment option for people who have good urine output and for these who passes no urine, it is useless. This treatment is a herb-based treatment in which different herbs are crushed into powder and then used together to promote renal blood circulation, repair kidney damages and remove blood stasis. With the help of this treatment, not only high creatinine level 9 can be reduced down to a low level, many other physical discomforts also can be alleviated fundamentally and permanently.

To be honest, in such a case, many patients will be suggested to start dialysis to reduce high creatinine level. Dialysis indeed helps to reduce creatinine level and keep blood cleanse. However, it can not repair injured kidney tissues at all, so once start, they have to rely the rest of their life on dialysis if no treatment is able to increase his kidney function. Besides, survival rate of dialysis patients decreases over time. Therefore, if there is alternative treatment, please do not start dialysis casually.

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