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Why Is A Person On Dialysis Feeling Worse

2015-02-15 07:01


Why is it that a person doing dialysis continues feeling worse and more pain? My mother-in-law has bad pain. Is that because she is so thin? Also she cannot even move herself in the bed. How long can she continue doing dialysis?


Why Is A Person On Dialysis Feeling WorseA lot of times this is caused by a high pump speed, especially in people who are already thin. She may do better on hemodialysis where the pump speed is slower, and the runs are shorter but every day. See if they offer nocturnal dialysis near you. Private clinics that are for profit run people a lot faster for less time. This does give the fluid time to move from the cells and between the cells to the vascular system.

Besides, why people on dialysis continue feeling worse is the side effect of dialysis. For example, fatigue is a common side effect in people who have used dialysis on a long term basis. Fatigue is thought to be caused by a combination of :

The loss of normal kidney function

The effects that dialysis can have on the body

The dietary restriction associated with dialysis

The overall stress and anxiety that many people with kidney failure experience

The above reason may make your body feel worse and worse. To feel better, the key point is to get rid of dialysis or at least reduce the frequency of dialysis and improve her own kidney function. Kidney function can be improved by Chinese medicines which have functions of dilating blood vessels, preventing inflammation and coagulation, degrading extracellular matrix and providing nutrients for restoring injured kidneys. Only when kidney function is enhanced your mother-in-law has the chance of avoiding dialysis or reducing the frequency of dialysis. And she will also feel better with her own kidneys.

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