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What Pain Medicines Do You Use For Kidney Disease

2015-02-10 02:00


Since Ibuprofen is not recommended when you have kidney disease, may I ask what pain medicines do you use. I have tried Aleve, Bayer, etc. but do not help like Advil does. In addition to having CKD, I have disc issues in my back and broke my leg/ankle and now have plates an d screws and during damp days begins to throb.


What Pain Medicines Do You Use For Kidney DiseasePatient A: I have CKD stage 4 and take paracetamol and tramadol.

Patient B: back pain and PKD. Paracetamol is all I am allowed to take, but my doctor let’s me take co-codamol (codine and paracetamol)

Patient C: I have just suffered from back spasms for the first time and my doctor prescribed me paandiene forte. Once finished I have been using panadiene which has a much lower dose of codeine. Only problem is it causes constipation.

Patient D: Aleve is bad for kidney disease. Read the bottle. I take Tylenol aka acetaminophen.

Patient E: Aleve is another NSAID. It is a no-go when you have CKD.

Patient F: prolonged over usage of Tylenol can cause liver damage. If your liver is healthy, not exceeding recommended dosage will not cause harm. As our kidneys are already damaged, continued usage of ibuprophen will increase the damage and can lead to complete renal shut down.

Patient G: the only painkillers normally allowed are paracetamol. Anything stronger needs to be prescribed, so please check with your doctor. Do not take NSAIDS with chronic kidney disease.

Patient H: I have been prescribed some natural herbs to repair my damaged kidneys. What’s more important, the active ingredients in Chinese medicines can improve my renal function. After my renal function is improved, my pain and other illness conditions like vomiting, nausea and poor appetite all get alleviate. If you want to learn the detailed information, you can email me to kidneycares@hotmail.com. Then I will mail you the detailed information.

Thanks for all your input. I will discuss with my nephrologist. Any question, I will ask you all.

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