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Is Boiled Egg Good For Creatinine 2.2

2015-01-16 02:20


My dad has 2.2mg/DL creatinine level, so is boiled egg good for him with hypertension, diabetes and heart disease?


Is Boiled Egg Good For Creatinine 2.2Generally speaking, people with elevated creatinine level should keep a low-protein diet. however, whether boiled eggs should be added to a renal diet?

Boiled eggs help people boost energy, improve brain power, strengthen bones, prevent blood clots and improve concentration. People are suggested to eat eggs for nutrition supplement. Well, is boiled eggs still good for people with creatinine 2.2?

High creatinine level patients should not eat egg yolk. This is because egg yolk contains cholesterol that should be limited so as not to burden your kidneys. But compared with egg yolk, kidney disease patients are advised to eat egg white. Egg white is high quality protein and patients are suggested to take high quality protein. This helps reduce burden on kidneys and slow down the deterioration of kidney disease. Therefore, depending on your overall health or risk for heart attack, your doctor may recommend avoiding egg yolks or using them sparingly in your diet.

To lower creatinine level, a proper diet is not enough. Apart from proper diet, high creatinine level patients should repair injured kidneys and improve renal function. Traditional Chinese medicine treatment can improve renal function of blood supply and oxygen supply, control inflammatory lesion, restrain renal fibrosis progression and recover renal filtration. After improving kidney function, renal detoxifying function will be enhanced, excess creatinine level will be removed. In addition, other symptoms like vomiting, nausea and poor appetite can all be alleviated.

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